S5 for Windows  
The S5 for Windows® is an excellent software tool for creating, modifying, testing and documenting programs for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). S5 for Windows® is used to program the Siemens PLC family SIMATIC® S5 with the programming language STEP® 5. The logic presentation is available in Control System Flowchart (CSF), Statement List (STL), in Ladder Diagram (LAD)(optional) and Graphical Step Sequence G5 for Windows®(optional) for programming, editing, and testing. Import and Export Functions are available to convert existing programs in the S5 for Windows® format and vice versa. In addition, original Siemens PLC programs can be embedded into S5 for Windows® projects without any program conversion.

  S7 for Windows
  IBHsoftec has an efficient and straight-forward programming system for the Simatic® S7-300® and S7-400® PLC‘s. S7 for Windows® is available as an upgrade to the S5 for Windows® programming system or as a complete standalone programming package. The complete instruction set of the S7-300® and S7-400® PLC are implemented in the S7 for Windows® programming package. It is also possible to use the Control System Flowchart (CSF) or Ladder Logic (optional) to program and display the Status of the networks(segments). Of course all the online functions are integrated.
  Option Ladder Diagram (LAD)

With this option you can use the presentation Ladderdiagramm for the Editor and Status of networks.

  G5 for Windows

The G5 for Windows® Step Sequence Programming is a tool for easy programming sequential steps (sequencer control) within a STEP® 5 PLC program. A Step Sequence is programmed with in a Step Sequence Block (SB).The control logic inside the block uses steps and transitions.

S5/S7 for Windows option Blockdiff

The BlockDiff option is an easy and powerful tool to compare PLC programs or Blocks.

Comparing can be easily performed between two (2) PLC programs in the S5 for Windows® file format, (or weg) two (2) PLC programs in the Step®5 file format (.S5D), two (2) PLC programs in the S7 for Windows® file format or two (2) PLC programs in the Step®7 file format.

    S5/S7 Doctor : The tool for fualt finding !  
The S5/S7 Doctor enables a fully automated troubleshooting for running PLC programs. Compared to the conventional troubleshooting procedure the S5 / S7 Doctor autonomously takes over the upcoming tasks during troubleshooting a machine  and identifies the cause for the malfunction in plain language. In contrast to other diagnostic tools on the market, a special modification of the PLC program is not necessary.

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