IBH Link S7  

If a S7-200 ,S7-300 or S7-400 has to be connected with a PC via Ethernet, the normal way is to take a CP / Communication processor. IBHsoftec has now developed another solution: IBH Link. If you want to connect your PC via Ethernet just take the IBH Link. The IBH Link is a very small gateway integrated in a Sub D connector.

The IBH Link S7 is available as:

IBH Link S7 for connection on a switch or hub
IBH Link S7 CrossOver for direct connection to the network card of the PC.


IBH Link S7 Plus


The IBH Link S7 Plus offers the same features likes the IBH Link S7,

Additional features:

- 6 PC connections at the same time
- Profibus MPI-Plug with PG(PU)-Connector
- 24V Connector
- RJ45-Plug integrated
- rail mount
- Diagnostic LEDs
- Galvanic separation
- Connection also to passive nodes

PC - SIMATIC S7 (MPI/PPI) Universal  Interface Cable


The COM-connection PC - SIMATIC S5 connects the PC via the serial  inter-face with MPI-interface of a SIMATIC S7-300/400 or the PPI-interface of a S7-200


USB/COM-Connection PC - SIMATIC S7 (MPI/Profibus)

The USB/COM-Connection PC - SIMATIC S7 connects the PC (USB or serial interface) and the MPI-/ Profibus DP/FMS interface of a SIMATIC S7- 300/400 or the PPI-interface of a S7-200. This programming cable is also suitable to connect terraLink and S5 (null modem needed).

S7 NETLINK (Ethernet Gateway for MPI and Profibus)  

S7 NETLINK easy and effective Ethernet Gateway  The cable will be connected to the MPI-interface of a SIMATIC S7. The other ending (RJ45-connector) can be connected with a hub or switch or via a Crossover cable direct with your PC network card.

Interface Doubler for the PG socket

The PG-MUX  allows the simultaneous operation of two device at one PG interface. The PG-MUX is an autonomous communication processor which double the PG  interface in real time.
PC/MPI Adapter ----------->> Low Cost !  
  • PC/MPI Adapter USB
    for connecting a PC to a S7-300 via the USB interface,
    max 19.2 kbit/s.


USB-S5-Current Loop Converter  

Interfaces the PC USB Port with the 15 pin AS511 Interface port of the PLC. The 15 pin connector housing is made from solid metal and contains the complete electronics. The USB-S5 Current Loop Converter takes it's power supply from the USB port of the PC.
It is an active cable, no power supply from the PLCs programming port is required. A Constant Current apdater is not needed for this reason. The USB-S5 Current Loop Converter can be used with S5 for Windows®, the IBH OPC Server and Step®5 (Drivers for Windows 98(SE), 2000 and XP are included )

PC-S5-Current Loop Converter  
The SMD electronics are located in a solid metal 15 pin Sub­D connector shell. The pin assignment fits the following Simatic® PLC’s: U90, U95, U100, U101, U115, U135, and U155. The PLC must be active and needs to supply the the loop current (2 x 20mA). The 9 pin Sub­D connector is plugged into the serial port (COM1 ­ COM4) of the PC.
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