SIEMENS SIMATIC MPI/PPI: USB isolated cable for Siemens S7-200/300/400 Adapter






PC ADAPTER USB and Siemens original USB programming cable (6ES7 972-0CB20-0XA0) function the same, while supporting a full range of Siemens PLC programming S7-200/300/400 support PPI, MPI, DP port programming, adaptive MPI programming port wave Special rate (9600,19200,45.45 K, 93.75K, 187.5K, 500K, 1.5M). A genuine USB data transfer, ensuring real-time transmission of data, anti-electromagnetic interference, higher than the original products of Siemens.

           MPI PPI Interface Cable

Details Description:

    • First install the original driver of Siemens (PC ADAPTER USB V1.2 or higher version)
    • S7-300/400 Set PG/PC Interface Adapter(Auto) (MPI), Local Connection USB (2) S7-300/400 programming, in the Set PG / PC Interface, select PC Adapter (Auto) or (MPI), and then select USB in the Local Connection
    • The product sub-normal type and anti-jamming-type isolation (ISO), ordinary type powered by the USB port (current of about 100mA), Isolated (ISO) and the PLC side at the same time by the USB power supply. The same time, the products isolated using optical isolation circuit to the PLC terminal port the protective circuit, the effective protection of computer and PLC-side security. (Note: Some computer's USB port or multiple plug has been damaged, the resulting poor contact interface, may appear the phenomenon of insufficient power supply)
    • S7-200, Set PG/PC Interface PC Adapter(PPI) (4) S7-200 programming, in the Set PG / PC Interface, select PC Adapter (PPI)  Local Connection and then select USB, then select the correct PPI port baud rate (187.5K, 19200,9600), the steps required to manually select (the same as with the original product). If they choose to side with the PLC does not correspond to the baud rate can not be communication
    • Working condition: The connection to the USB, when, USB light the first light after the eradication, 2 seconds after the light (without flash), indicating that this product is functioning correctly. USB Lamp USB flash indicated the data sent from the PLC, PLC lights flash indicated the data sent from the PLC computer. The use of ordinary-type products, PWR lights that access USB port power supply normal; the use of isolated products, PWR lights that access to PLC-side power supply is working correctly.
    • For CNC machine tool controller (such as: 840D, etc.), because of their programming I did not supply, please use the regular products.



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