Easy HMI pro
  Simple and Effective Human-Machine-Interfaceing

Monitor and control all aspects of your system in real time using over 30 meters, guages, switches, and buttons.
Easily change setpoint and schedule.
Collect and display historical data.
Collect and manage alarm.
Maintain a system log so you always know who change what, and when it was change.

HMI for Samll & Medium Scale package.
Unlimited Tga data support for OPC server (DA2.0).
Drag and Drop Built in library of over 4,000 graphic symbols (fan, pumps, ducts,etc.)
Include 28 highly – detailed, scaleable control (meters,switch,etcm,…)

Networking and Remote access

Built in web host, no web server software or external programs are needed.
Supports a virtuaully unlimited number of users with customized enable/disable access and maintain a system log.

  Flexible for Customization

Integrated Visual Basic Script / Delphi script interpreter.
Collect and maintain historical data.
View historical data with 2D / 3 D line and bar charts.
Quick set up schedules.
Alarm Handling and management (Alarm, Maintenance and Information message).
Virtually every aspect of the software may be customized.